Vision and Values



We aspire for all our children to become confident, secure, caring individuals who achieve personal success and develop a love of learning. 



At Inkberrow Primary School, we aim to provide a positive learning experience for every child.

We are proud that our pupils learn in a safe, caring and stimulating environment where everyone is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. 



  • to promote a love of learning 
  • to respect each other, our local and global community
  • to create a positive atmosphere which promotes high standards
  • to be proud of our achievements and those of others. 




We aim to provide every pupil with the highest quality educational experience appropriate to their age, aptitude and ability.  Through this we expect our pupils to achieve the highest standards of which they are individually capable. 


In pursuit of these aims we will ensure that there are equal opportunities for all members of the school community and that every aspect of life in school enhances the self-esteem of individuals and encourages mutual respect and empathy for each other. 


Parents, Governors, Pupils and Staff have worked together to produce a school motto that reflects our aims and school ethos. We chose ‘Love to learn, learn to care’ and this motto is displayed throughout the school and underpins all our school policies.