Inkberrow Primary School

Love to Learn, Learn to Care

We make the children feel valued and unafraid to 'have a go'The teachers make lessons fun.Inky's Good Learner values help us to be the best that we can be.It's good to know your child is in safe hands.I love coming to school because the people are really smiley.The parents and children love the traditional events.We are proud of our school and it's achievements.The team of staff work enthusiastically to create a wide and varied curriculum.The school has a wide range of after school clubs.We feel proud of work.

Forest School

Forest School is simply the perfect place for young children to use and develop their thinking skills.


Forest School has become much better known in recent years.  The philosophy of Forest School originated in Sweden in the 1950’s, expanded into a number of other countries from the 1980’s onwards and arrived in Great Britain about 10 years ago.  Worcestershire has been one of the pioneering authorities and the current situation in the County is a strong one.  At Inkberrow Primary School we use our own very large grounds, whatever the weather, for a huge variety of Forest School activities.  The freedom and space – both mental and physical – make it a wonderful place for thinking, for reinforcing thinking skills in ‘real situations’ and, as a result, self-esteem blossoms.


Personal and social development, communication and language development, life long learning along with transferring skills and knowledge are all areas that children make significant advances in as a result of Forest School.  We encourage the children to think, organise their own thoughts and then transfer these skills and strategies learned in one context to another similar situation.  Skills are practised in the classroom and then transferred to the ‘real’ context of Forest School.  The same skills, duly reinforced and enhanced, are taken back to School to be used again when required in a variety of ways.