Aspiration Curriculum


What is the Aspiration Curriculum?

The Aspiration Curriculum is Inkberrow's answer to giving you (our students) the best possible knowledge on what jobs are available to you in the future. We hope by  looking at different jobs, bringing in speakers who have these jobs and having a go at doing them ourselves, you will be inspired to work hard and become one of the jobs we study, when you are older. 


How often do you hold Aspiration Curriculum Days?

We hold Aspiration days once every half term, for a full day. Each half term is a different job focus. The list of jobs for each year group is here for you to see. The Bronze, Silver and Gold levels are to show the level of difficulty we study the job at. In Years 1 and 2, they are Bronze level. In Years 3 and 4, they are silver level. In Years 5 and 6, they are gold level.